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Estimating personal COVID risk from population-level data
6 Jan. 2021
The effects of daylight savings time adjustment on the incidence rate of acute myocardial infarction: a Bayesian meta-analysis (original research)
11 Nov. 2019
Trust in numbers — notes of a talk given by Sir David Spiegelhalter
8 Oct. 2019
On the overconfidence of modern neural networks
26 Sep. 2019
Paper summary: Abbeel, Ng: Inverse Reinforcement Learning (2004)
19 Aug. 2019
Sampling from the posterior with Markov-chain Monte Carlo
6 Aug. 2019
Bayesian inference: Approaching certainty through sampling
24 Jul. 2019
Evaluation of function calls in Haskell
13 Jul. 2019
The wise men puzzle
18 Aug. 2018
Blog post summary: Medical AI safety: where are we and where are we heading
11 Jul. 2018
International Winter School on Gravity and Light, Tutorial 3: Multilinear Algebra – Solutions for Exercise 1
9 Jun. 2018
Probabilistically interesting planning problems
28 May. 2018
Change YouTube speed from your favorites bar
23 May. 2018
Some versatile tools for bash
16 May. 2018
Some proofs in first-order logic
27 Feb. 2018