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About me

Hi, my name is Laszlo Treszkai — the name is Hungarian, originally stylized as László so it’s pronounced as [la:sloː ˈtreskɒɪ].

My professional side

I love various branches of mathematics (with a knack for statistics) and engineering (both software and physical).

I graduated with honours at the MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, where I learned a ton about machine learning, NLP, and Bayesian analysis. Previously I received an MSc in Electrical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, with a focus on embedded systems.

Some projects I worked on:

  • Designed and built a race car with the BME Formula Racing Team for the international Formula Student competition, together with a few dozen fellow students, over the course of a year. (photo of the car)
  • As an embedded software engineer at TTControl I wrote the firmware for the HY-TTC 500 ECU, which is used for safety critical applications in big industrial vehicles like tractors, snow groomers and bridge building machines (in a team of five firmware engineers).
  • As an AI engineer at Sclable Business Solutions I designed and implemented a recommendation engine using Bayesian inference.
  • I verified the design and implementation of electric and driverless vehicles at Formula Student events, most recently at FS East. (photo)
  • I worked for 3.5 years at Finmatics GmbH as an AI engineer / backend developer.
  • I authored of the best Python package, which is a tool to compare two numerical datasets using Bayesian estimation instead of the typically used t-tests.

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